Home Lab Dashboard Part 2: Setting up Kibana

Kibana is the data visualization for elastic search allowing you to search particular data sets and build dashboards.

I have been pretty impressed with the Kibana UI it allows for easily being able to carve up just about any data.  Most of the visualizations are pretty self explanatory once you get into it a little bit.  We will go over those in more details later as we start building the actual dashboard.  For now lets get Kibana installed:

Just like the initial install of elastic search install I will leverage the yum repos and disable them after setup is complete.

The repo install for Centos can be found here.

First import the public signing key.

rpm --import https://packages.elastic.co/GPG-KEY-elasticsearch

We then create a kibana.repo to allow us to quickly install the kibana app.

vi /etc/yum.repos.d/kibana.repo

name=Kibana repository for 4.5.x packages

Once that file is saved – it is as simple as kicking off a yum install to get kibana installed.

yum install kibana

After the install completes we need to start the service and validate its running.

service kibana status

Quick way to check if everything is operating properly is to open up a browser and browse to http://<elasticserverIP&gt;:5601.  This should open an interface that looks similar to this.


Lets make sure that we set it to start on start up:

systemctl enable kibana.service


Now all of this means nothing if we don’t have some data to actually carve up and get details from.

In the next post I will talk about how to setup logstash to start pulling data into the environment.

If you are looking at troubleshooting logs can be located at the following:



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