Back to the Lab: ElasticSearch Paramedic Plugin

It has been a while since I have updated my site and realized that I stopped half way through my Home Lab elastic search build. With that, let’s jump right back into it.

Must Have Plugins!

ElasticSearch is great because of the many plugins that can extend the features and functionality of elastic search. Many of them are rather small regarding management and use. I will list a few of the ones I use on a regular basis.

Paramedic – – as far as I am concerned this has to be one of the top picks for me. There are many reasons for this the first being the user interface. It happens to be written in JavaScript and is very light weight. Just install using the built in plugin installer and your off to the races.

‘bin/plugin install karmi/elasticsearch-paramedic’

Once installed navigate to the following: http://localhost:9200/_plugin/paramedic/index.html

Stats section is live and can set the refresh cycle. The downside of stats is when you highlight a stat to get the metrics it can be difficult to read the results. Another downside is that it’s not historical – it only has live stats.


stats-sectionAs you can see in the image to the above, when highlighting a particular metric it doesn’t render the information in a helpful manner.  I think it would be better if they moved the stats to the far right where there is some additional white space.

The Nodes section is where you can see live stats on how the cluster is doing, and which nodes are under heavy load.  In my home lab, I have 4 nodes total 3 of which are obviously data nodes and one is a master node.


My favorite feature of Paramedic is the Indices section – this displays the status of replicas, the health of the indices, and the state of the indices. I cannot tell you the number of times I have used this to figure out which index is corrupt or having issues.


Overall this is hands down one of my all time favorites, because of the lightweight nature of the interface and ease of use. The interface is easy on the eyes minus graphical issues I am not a fan of, but other than that pretty useful in maintaining your cluster. The lightweight nature of the interface makes it a must have for home labs and enterprises alike.



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